Welcome To Margate Chiropractic And Wellness Centre! (Photo tour)

We located in Baynes Street, Margate.

I believe it is the best street in Margate.

We have Woolworths in front of us and plenty of car park at the front and the back of our clinic.

(Main entrance of Margate chiropractic and wellness centre). 

(Reception and waiting area)

Coming through the entrance door, you will see our lovely reception area on the right-hand side, and our friendly staff will guide you for your best comfort.

We have plenty of magazines to entertain you while you are waiting to see our practitioner and also you could even ask for cup of tea 🙂


Dr Shawn (Chiropractor) will listen to your story, and we will be invited to go on to the chiropractic journey!

Once all the treatment has done, Dr Shawn will give you proper home care advice and care plans.

All you have to do is visit us and let us do your health improving work 🙂