Winter is here! Stay warm!

We can certainly feel that the cold weather has arrived in Redcliffe and all around in North Brisbane!

Especially in the morning, we feel the cold winds coming through the windows and our feet getting colder!

One thing we must avoid is Flu and getting sick due to the weather change.

What should we do to avoid this chill attack!?

Here are few tips you can do 🙂 


1. Stay Active

At least, a little bit of fast pace walk and short jogging daily will improve your body metabolism and increase immunity.

15 – 20 minutes of running and fast-pace walking a day will help your body to have better conditioning.

Make sure you have a jumper on :) 

2. Eat Balance and drink a water

In winter, we need extra energy.

To supply enough energy to the body, we need good balance meal providing enough carbohydrate, fat and protein.

Eating well is the best form of medicine.

Also drinking enough water is essential.

Make sure you don’t feel thrust and dehydrate your body.

Try from today 🙂

3. Get check up 

Make sure you regularly check up with your physician and prevent any injuries and further damage to your body. 🙂