Disc injuries

Chiropractic treatments for Disc injuries

Disc injuries or herniated discs can be caused by wear and tear due to the strain caused by bending forward while lifting heavy loads. Other factors that increase a person’s risk of developing these injuries include twisting movements of the back, trauma to the back, being obese, poor posture and even prolonged sitting while driving or working.

Medical research has proven that spinal manipulative therapy is beneficial for patients with herniated discs. It has even been shown to be more effective than heat application, postural education, physical exercises and other conventional therapies. The controlled force that is applied by the doctor improves the functioning of the spine and thus relieves the pain.

Disk injuries

To complement the treatment you receive from your doctor, and you should also try some self-care treatment at home. For example, you should avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time by standing every 30 minutes or so to stretch. Also, ensure that you bend your knees rather than your back when lifting heavy loads and wear a support belt when doing manual work.