Dr Shawn (Sang Young) Park

Dr Shawn (Sang Young) Park

Chiropractor/B Chiro Sci, M Chiro

Hi, I'm Dr Shawn (Sang Young) Park

Shawn studied Chiropractic at Macquarie University in Sydney. Originally from South Korea, Shawn came to Australia for study and after living and working in Sydney for total 13 years, he made the new decision to move to Brisbane in 2013.

After practising from Sydney CBD and Macquarie Shopping Centre,  Shawn continued his chiropractic career in Kallangur, North Brisbane. As a result of all achievement, He then established Margate Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in 2017.

He is passionate about acknowledging the stresses and minor traumas experienced by the body over the course of the lifespan, and the potential benefits chiropractic adjustment may have on improving the body’s response to these stresses. His passion for Chiropractic reinforced by his interests in movement mechanics, physics and neurology of the human body. Shawn has a particular interest in movement correction and assisting patients of all ages to maximise their movement and physical potential to perform at their highest level.  He recognises the importance of providing optimised health care across the lifespan to ensure adequate care during periods of growth and development as well as take care of a maturing body.

Outside of the clinic, Shawn has a love of sports, especially martial arts, Taekwondo and golf. He loves camping and outdoor activities and also enjoys learning new things and living life with enthusiasm.

“My vision is to make every moment happier, and I’m so excited that I can do it to my clients every day”.