Stay Balanced

(Stay well and stay balanced)

Have to tried to stack up the stones to make the stone tower?
Have you ever tried to make the woodblock tower when you were young?
When the tower seems wobbly and not in a balanced status, you give small adjustment to make it straight-up.

Picture our body as a great balanced tower with an amazing supporting system made by good tensions of ligaments, tendons, muscles and etc.

The spine also joined with one and another with joints and have a shock-absorbing system called “Disc”.

There are so many other things to contributing to this amazing “Balanced” body.

At the same time, there are so many things that are not helpful to maintain this structure such as bad posture, daily stresses, injuries and trauma, hereditary conditions and so on.

Let’s remember to keep our body in good balance and try to minimise the risks of damaging it by repeating bad things.

Stay well And Stay Balanced To Achieve Higher and Stay At Yout Highest 🙂