Lisa Beyer

Lisa Beyer

Kinesiologist / Diploma in Kinesiology, ICPKP

Hi, I'm Lisa Beyer

Born and raised locally, Lisa’s journey took her to various corners of the world, including Townsville, the Gold Coast, and Dubai. In 2009, she returned to Australia, choosing the Redcliffe Peninsula as her family’s new home.

It was here that Lisa discovered the transformative power of Kinesiology. She pursued her Diploma in Kinesiology through the International College of Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP) and has since accumulated over a decade of experience in the field.

Beyond her foundational training, Lisa continually sharpens her skills through ongoing education in different kinesiology styles and specialised areas. She also mentors emerging kinesiology practitioners and provides personal and business development coaching to various professionals.

Lisa’s broad expertise encompasses disability support, Australian Bush Flower Essences, LGBTIQ+ and transition support, trauma relief, and the use of subtle energy. This diverse knowledge allows her to offer tailored, person-centred care to her clients.Her consultations are sought after by individuals facing emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical challenges. Lisa’s compassionate approach and specialised techniques, including EFT tapping and emotional stress release, help clients achieve emotional well-being.

Lisa is a strong advocate for positive diversity and excels in supporting neurodiverse and disabled individuals, providing practical guidance and unwavering support.
In the realm of life’s transitions, Lisa’s guidance is invaluable. She helps clients navigate the changes, big or small, that life brings their way.
In her personal life, Lisa cherishes moments with her family, including her partner, teenage children, and her lively dog, Beverley. She also finds time for fitness, leisurely walks, lifelong learning, and the occasional pyjama day. Lisa’s mission is clear: to enrich lives by offering holistic support and expertise. Her commitment to making a positive impact in her community and the lives of her clients shines through her Kinesiology practice, helping individuals thrive in all circumstances.
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